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Important Customer Information
Dear Client,

Welcome to TrustIcon, Primus Asset Management Foundation’s secured CRM system.

We would like to call your attention, that our system does not provide real-time aceess to all legal and financial information regarding your trust. The system was developed as a P2P (Person to Person) communication platform operating within our local server, to provide a higher level of information security and privacy by reducing the possibility of data leaks and fishing.
Instead of using e-mails, or other communication systems via the web, we prefer TrustIcon to exchange sensitive information, like legal documents, tax reports, annual financial reports, direct messages with sensitive content, or regular statements about the change in the trust’s bankable assets value.

We would like to inform you, that on a monthly basis we prepare individual trust statements about the change in liquid bankable assets, in harmony to the Trust Deed. After each month is closed and all statements are reconciled, we upload them within maximum 5-7 working days to TrustIcon, where you will be able to reach your own in chronological order.
Sometimes you may also find other documents here (for example our brief economic overviews), or direct messages. Any time a new information is uploaded to the system, you will receive a standard e-mail alert to log in, and check your incoming box.

Sincerely yours,

Primus Asset Management Foundation

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